2022 Factory Price Alexandrite Depilation 1200W 1600W 1800W 3 Waves soprano ice platinum alma laser Hair Removal Machine

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Microchannel diode laser hair removal:

There are 5 very small water channels on each monolith, each average 0.03mm. The water Channel inside the laser is Dense and Dense, so it is called a Micro Channel.

Its heat dissipation is 100W per square centimeter, which is equivalent to basically putting the bar in the water and encapsulating it, so regardless of its life or energy output, it is the best one.

It works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and preventsregrowthwhile avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.

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A high repetition rate of short pulses are delivered deep into the dermis. achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up with virtually no pain.


1. Standard configuration one spot size 14x25mm2, another is 12x40mm2. Its handle drawing and inside Structure are same as ALMA original.


2. Handle inside use the USA MICROCHANNEL laser bar as original, shots over 40-50 million times. Longer lifetime than macrochannel laser bar, better energy intensity, better results.

2. Japan compressor cooling system, it is best cooling system for diode laser. The machine could work over 7*24 hours.
The refrigeration system of the macro channel is a TEC condenser,which uses physical heat dissipation.It is to dissipate heat through the principle of fast metal heat dissipation by stacking metal patches together. The efficiency is slowthe heat can not be continuously dissipatedand there are strictrequirements on the
ambient temperature.It will stop working if theroom temperature is higher than 28 degrees.
The micro-channel refrigeration system uses a com- pressor.The inside of the compressor is freonwhich is refrigerated through chemical principles.All of our domestic refrigerators and air conditioners have internal refrigeration systems as compressors.High effi- ciency good effect and long life.Can work continu- ously in any environment.


2 minutes quick cooling and super cooling effect provide the good treatment experience for clients.

Model Micro channel Soprano Ice Platinum diode laser hair removal Machine
laser type Diode laser
Handle output power 800W/1000W/1200W/1600W/2000W
Laser shots 50 million times
Spot size 12*18mm/14*25mm/ 12*38mm
Cooling system Air+ Water circulation+TEC condenser cooling system
Pulse duration 1-100ms
Frequency 1-10 Hz adjustable
Screen 12.0 inch color touch screen
Machine Power 3000W
Power require 110 V, 50 Hz or 220-240V, 60 Hz
Package Aluminum box
Box size 60cm*58cm*132cm
G.W. 100 KG

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