BTL Vanquish Body Shaping Non-Contact Fat Reduction Face Slimming Machine

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The first contactless and free body sculpture equipment on the market. It can be used to treat abdominal and lumbar neoplasms at one time without using multiple types of probes , and only takes 30 minutes at a time. Since the treatment is non-contact , the device does not directly contact the patient , thereby significantly  reducing the risk of potential side effects resulting from contact between the probe and the skin tissue layer.

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As the most safe and effective slimming shaping equipment , mainly for abdominal and bilateral abdominal fat-soluble shaping , fat-soluble shaping area: 20 x 70 , suitable for men and women . Selective RF field + Tuning technology, selective high frequency refers to the selection according to impedance; RF field index finger positive and negative mapping; Tuning is a real-time resistance feedback system .

Safe And Noninvasive

Noninvasive , non-contact , non intrusive , comfortable , and non burn .

Particularly Effective

The average weight loss of adipocytes was 7 cm (whole course) . The effect of chronic apoptosis of adipocytes was lasting , non-contact , non- invasive , painless , non- recovery and rapid .

P Rinciple Of Action

● Selective RF field + Tuning.

● Tuning system monitors and adjusts the system impedance in real time, so that the impedance matches the human body fat impedance highly and absorbs the greatest energy. (Tuning=100%)

● Continuous heating can cause adipocyte apoptosis; lymphatic system excretion.

Conductivity and polarizability of various tissues under 27 . 12 MHz.


Good Effect

Note: a large number of experimental data show that the effect is the best at this time.
Large difference of impedance, great difference of tissue polarization, great difference of electric field intensity between different tissues, great difference of corresponding current, great difference of thermal energy and strong selectivity.

Working Arm Display


Airframe Display



E nergy 200 w, keep 95% - 100% , the treatment head and abdominal skin to maintain a distance of about 1 cm, pay attention to never contact the skin .

Therapeutic Method

Treatment was performed every 7- 10 days , 4 times ( 1 courses). Each treatment lasted 45 minutes , and the subjects were asked how they felt . The skin reaction was checked and the temperature was measured every 15 minutes. The distance between the treatment head and the skin was adjusted according to the subjects'experience.

S pecific treatment plan:
1. Treatment: 4 to 6 times , about 1 times a week (7- 10 days interval). 2. A single time: 45 minutes (stop every 15 minutes , check skin reaction and temperature) . 3. Therapeutic effect: 4 to 6 weeks after complete treatment .


Adapt To The  Crowd

The treatment area (abdomen side abdomen) had a more homogeneous fat accumulation.


Patient Information

● The most important thing is to add water!!! Drink plenty of water (at least 2 litres per day) two days before the start of treatment , and during the course of treatment , mineral water or boiled water, tea or coffee are not counted .
● Avoid eating greasy food on the same day after treatment .
● After taking proper exercise on the same day, proper exercise can make the treatment more effective .

Contraindications For Treatment

● A pacemaker: a person who pacemakers can not approach the operating equipment.
● Metal implants: like metal joints.
● Lung pain killer.
● Severe obesity.
● Metabolic problems.
● Pregnancy or lactation: pregnant women can not operate this equipment.
● Cancer (cancer) and so on.
● For all contraindications, consult a doctor or consultant .

T Herapeutic Feeling

In the course of treatment , the patient's treatment site will have a  very hot feeling, but should not have a "hot" feeling, hot feeling often starts from several individual points, and then more uniform. E ndpoint of treatment: T here is a feeling of heat all over the body, the head is likely to be dizzy, the face is slightly red, sweating (head , back , etc .)

Preparation Before Treatment

● To provide patients with the main information about treatment (treatment process , contraindications , the importance of drinking water, etc .);
● Sign up for treatment records (including waist circumference and photo taking).
● Patients and operators must remove all metal jewelry and watches .
● Remove clothes from the treatment area.
● Avoid wearing tight clothing when receiving treatment .
● The patient is lying on the treatment bed, and the body can not touch the metal .
● Treatment area: between the hip bone and the ribs .

Matters Needing Attention

● In the course of treatment   the operator can not  leave.
● The position of the treatment head must be as symmetrical   as possible.
● The distance between the treatment head and the patient' s skin is 1 centimeters .
● The position of the treatment head is confirmed to be placed in OK before starting work .
● The power is generally set to 200W, and the scar in the treatment area is set to 160W first .
● If you feel too hot during the treatment , you can pull the rope in your hand to stop the treatment .

Treatment Problems And Solutions

Tuning is not high enough
● The uneven accumulation of fat in the treatment area of the patient: towel is used to highlight the area of the treatment area .
● To increase the distance between cables (cable can not contact the treatment bed or patients , can not cross) .
● Check whether the treatment head is too far away from the patient's skin .

The patient feels a hot spot
●Immediately stop treatment .
●Check to see if sweating is done on the spot: wipe it up sweaty and continue with treatment .
●Reduce power (such as 200W to 180W) .
●After reducing the power, if the patient is okay, we can raise the energy again and see how the patient reacts

Temperature must be measured
●45 minutes of treatment , measure every 15 minutes , measure the temperature of four points (+ red dot , scar) .
●For the first time , the temperature is about 39-41 degrees .
●During the second / third measurements , the temperature often drops and the heat is scattered throughout the body.

Very rare side effects: panniculitis
I nflammation of subcutaneous adipose tissue E ndothelial sclerosis (large area , at least 2x2cm) occurs 48 hours after treatment , with tenderness and redder / hotter skin .
● Solution: massage gently and apply anti- inflammatory drugs .
● Continue treatment: If there is no tenderness , you can continue treatment , must pay attention to the next treatment of comfort .
● How to prevent: adjust the treatment head position according to customer feedback , check the treatment area every third of the time; after treatment feel tender, gently massage .

Common problems of "fat separation"

1, can birth control ring be used for treatment?

Answer: if it is metal , even if it is a metal implant , it can not be done .

2, "Conquest" treatment head except the abdomen , can it be used in other parts?

Answer: abdominal treatment head can not be used in other treatment areas! The shape of the treatment head is specially designed for the treatment of the abdomen .

3, can the treatment head contact with the patient's body?

Answer: it is okay for the treatment head to occasionally touch the skin of the patient , but do not stay on the patient for a long time .

Fault Resolution And Solution

Power-on alarm:
1 sound: can be turned on
2 sounds: emergency stop state Cancel the emergency stop state .
3 sounds: the screen cannot communicate Check the screen or related parts (such as power, communication lines , etc . )
4 sounds: unable to get the motor origin signal If the direction of the motor is checked in the opposite direction , please check if the speed line is connected . If you go back to the original point, please check whether the U-shaped slot itself or the wiring is faulty or the shading film cannot be properly shielded. Silent: Can't get in touch with the interboard chip or can't judge the program branch or buzzer is broken or the MCU is broken . Can't get in touch with the inter- board chip: If the jog button has sound, it means this is the problem. If there is no sound, it may be other problems such as single-chip microcomputer or buzzer. It is impossible to judge the branch of the program, please turn off the power and then enter the emergency stop state. If the alarm is stopped urgently, it means that the power is insufficient and the program branch cannot be judged. Please check the problem of the bulb transformer, etc. Continuous sound: voltage range is incorrect Please adjust the voltage to meet the machine range: 1 10V range: 95V~ 125V; 220V range: 190V~240V.

Work Alarm

1 sound: button sound or switch machine conversion tone 10
sounds: the end of the automatic process
Continuous sound: voltage range is incorrect
Please adjust the voltage to meet the machine range: 110V range: 95V~ 125V; 220V range: 190V~240V Alarm number (internal hexadecimal digit encoding , the following number is decimal):
128: The motherboard IC cannot communicate
64: E mergency stop status
32: The motor cannot be turned back to the origin 16: The motor cannot be turned out of the origin 8: The voltage is too low
4 : The voltage is too high 2 : Power is not normal serial number:
General screen: Click on the start page ESC to enter, only enter the last digit in the input page to save, enter the date or not enter the la

 Instrument Parameters

F requency 27 . 12MHZ Voltage 220V 50HZ
Power 500W effective Gross weight 88 kg
Touch screen 8 Inch Touch S ize 72*70*139(cm)

Accessories List

Treatment arm 1; O utput line 2
Handle screws 2; 1 probes for treatment; 1 power lines

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