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What is Endosphere Therapy Machine?

Endosphere Therapy is through the transmission of low frequency vibrations can generate a pulsed, rhythmic action on the tissues. The method is performed through the use of handpiece, selected according to the area of desired treatment.Time of application, frequency and pressure are three forces determining the treatment’s intensity, which can be adopted to the clinical condition of a specific patient. The direction of rotation and the pressure used ensure that micro compression is transmitted to the tissues.The frequency, measurable through the variation of speed of the cylinder, generates micro vibration.Finally, it works to lift and firm, Cellulite Reduction, and lose weight.

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How does Endosphere Therapy work?


1. Drainage Action : The vibrating pumping effect induced by the Endospheres device stimulates the lymphatic system, in turn, this encourages all the skin cells to clean and nourish themselves and to ease out toxins in the body.
2. Muscular Action : The effect of the compression on the muscles encourages them to work out. This circulates the blood to pump more efficiently, helping the muscles to tone in the area(s) treated .
3. Vascular Action: Both the compression and vibrating effect produce a deep stimulation at the vascular and metabolic level. The tissue thus endures stimulation that generates a “vascular workout”, which improves the microcirculatory system .
4. Restructuring Action the rotation and vibration of the silicone spheres, spur stem cells into healing action. The result is a reduction in undulations at the surface of the skin, typical in cellulite.
5. Analgesic Action: Compressive Microvibrations and the pulsating and rhythmic action on mechanoreceptor produce a reduction or the removal of pain for a short period. The activation of receptors improves oxygenation and in sequence, allows for the reduction of tissue inflammation, active both for uncomfortable forms of cellulite and lymphoedema. The analgesic action of the Ednospheres device is successfully used in rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Endosphere Therapy Body Treatment

-- Excess body weight
-- Cellulite on problem areas (butt, hips, abdomen, legs, arms)
-- Poor circulation of venous blood
--Reduced muscle tone or muscle spasms
-- Flabby or puffy skin


Endosphere Therapy Face Treatment

-- Smooths wrinkles
-- Lifts the cheeks
-- Plumps the lips
-- Shapes the facial contours
-- Tunes the skin
-- Relaxes the facial expression muscles


Endosphere Therapy EMS Treatment

EMS handle uses transdermal electroporation and works on the pores, which are opened by the Face treatment. This
allows 90% of the selected product to reach the deeper layers of the skin.
-- Reduced bags under the eyes
-- Eliminated dark circles
-- Even complexion
-- Activated cellular metabolism
-- Deep nourishment of the skin
-- Toning Muscle




1. Vibration frequency: 308Hz, rotating speed 1540 rpm. Other machine frequencies are usually less than 100Hz, 400 rpm.

2. Endosphere Therapy Handles: The machine is equipped with 3 roller handles, two large and one small, supporting two roller handles to work at the same time.

3. Endosphere Therapy machine is equipped with an EMS handle, This EMS handle is combined with a small facial roller, and the effect is the best.

4. The service life of the machine is more than 12,000 hours, and the life of each roller handle motor is 4,000 hours.

5. Our machine handle has real-time pressure display, and the LED bar on the handle shows real-time pressure.


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