• 4D cavitation- Body Slimming RF Rollaction Machine

    4D cavitation- Body Slimming RF Rollaction Machine

    Rollaction: reduces up to 2 sizes without losing weight
    Rollaction is a new system of physiological massage inspired by the movements of the hands of the masseur, able to access the deeper tissues such as musculature and adipose tissue, where the most rebellious cellulite is located.

  • 2024 Shockwave ED Treatment Machine

    2024 Shockwave ED Treatment Machine

    Experience advanced healing with the Shockwave ED Treatment Machine, designed to revolutionize cellular and vascular health. Utilizing cutting-edge shockwave therapy, this device offers a range of therapeutic benefits:

  • Buy professional laser hair removal machines

    Buy professional laser hair removal machines

    Summer is coming, and many beauty salon owners plan to purchase professional diode laser hair removal machines and carry out permanent laser hair removal business, thereby increasing customer flow and revenue. There are a dazzling array of laser hair removal machines on the market, ranging from good to bad. How to identify a high-quality laser hair removal machine? Beauty salon owners can choose from the following aspects:

  • 2024 7D Hifu Machine factory price

    2024 7D Hifu Machine factory price

    UltraformerIII’s micro high-energy focused ultrasound system has a smaller focus point than other HIFU devices。With more accurately
    transmits high-energy focused ultrasound energy at 65~75°C to the target skin tissue layer, UltraformerIII result in a thermal coagulation
    effect without harming surrounding tissues. While stimulating the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, it greatly improves the comfort and give you a perfect V face with the skin plump, firm, and elastic。

  • 808nm AI diode laser permanent hair removal machine

    808nm AI diode laser permanent hair removal machine

    Efficient personalized hair removal
    The AI skin and hair detector can not only accurately detect hair conditions, but also develop the most effective hair removal plan based on each customer’s individual needs.

  • 2024 newest endospheres therapy treatment machine

    2024 newest endospheres therapy treatment machine

    What is endosphere therapy?
    Endospheres therapy is based on the principle of compressive microvibration, which produces a pulsatile, rhythmic effect on tissue by transmitting low-frequency vibrations in the 36 to 34 8Hz range. The phone consists of a cylinder into which 50 spheres (body grips) and 72 spheres (face grips) are mounted, positioned in a honeycomb pattern with specific densities and diameters. The method is performed by using a handpiece selected according to the desired treatment area.

  • Best laser machine for permanent hair removal

    Best laser machine for permanent hair removal

    For beauty salons and beauty clinics, the most important thing about the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is the permanent hair removal effect and fast and efficient work. Today, we introduce to you the Best laser machine for permanent hair removal, which is our company’s best-selling model in recent years. It has been praised by countless users in hundreds of countries around the world. Now, let us take a look at the excellent configuration of this machine.

  • 1470nm & 980nm 6 + 1 diode laser machine

    1470nm & 980nm 6 + 1 diode laser machine

    The 1470nm & 980nm 6 + 1 diode laser therapy device uses 1470nm and 980nm wavelength semiconductor fiber-coupled laser for vascular removal, nails fungus removal, physiotherapy, skin rejuvenation , eczema herpes, lipolysis surgery ,EVLT surgery or other surgeries. In addition, it also adds functions of ice compress hammer.
    The new 1470nm semiconductor laser scatters less light in the tissue and distributes it evenly and effectively. It has a strong tissue bsorption rate and a shallow penetration depth. The coagulation range is concentrated and will not damage the surrounding healthy tissue. It has high catted efficiency and can be conducted through optical fiber. It can be absorbed by hemoglobin and cellular water. The heat can be concentrated on a small volume of tissue, quickly vaporize and decompose the tissue, with less thermal damage, and has the effect of coagulation and hemostasis . advantage It is the most suitable for the repair of nerves, blood vessels, skin and other tiny tissues and minimally invasive surgery such as varicose veins.

  • EMS Body Sculpt Machine

    EMS Body Sculpt Machine

    Muscle accounts for about 35% of the body, and most weight loss devices on the market only target fat and not muscle. Currently, only injections and surgery are available to improve the shape of the buttocks. In contrast, the EMS Body Sculpt Machine uses high-intensity focused magnetic resonance + focused monopolar radiofrequency technology to train muscles and permanently destroy fat cells. The focus of magnetic vibration energy stimulates the motor neurons to continuously expand and contract the autologous muscles to achieve high-frequency extreme training (this kind of contraction cannot be achieved by your usual sports or fitness exercises). The 40.68MHz radio frequency releases heat to heat and burn fat. It increases muscle contraction, double-stimulates muscle proliferation, improves the body’s blood circulation and metabolic rate, and at the same time maintains a comfortable temperature during the treatment process. The two kinds of energy are penetrated into the muscle and fat layers to strengthen muscles, tighten skin, and burn fat. Achieving the perfect triple effect; the energy pulse of the 30-minute treatment can stimulate 36,000 intense muscle contractions, helping fat cells to metabolize and break down.

  • 2024 Portable 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

    2024 Portable 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

    Recently, we grandly released our latest research and development results in 2024: a portable 808nm diode laser hair removal machine. Today, we can’t wait to share the performance and advantage highlights of this machine with beauty salon owners.

  • The best laser machine for permanent hair removal

    The best laser machine for permanent hair removal

    In the new era of rapidly changing AI technology, if your beauty salon wants to stand out in the fierce market competition, this diode laser hair removal machine that incorporates the latest AI smart technology will be your indispensable right-hand man.
    The performance and luxurious configuration of this hair removal machine have obvious advantages and are by no means comparable to ordinary equipment. Listed below are just some of the advantages:

  • Picosecond Laser Machine

    Picosecond Laser Machine

    Advantages of our Vertical Picosecond Laser Machine:
    1. The latest hi-tech of laser explosion in twinkling.
    2. Don’t break the hair follicle, or hurt the normal skin, or produce the scar formation.
    3. Little sense of pain, anesthesia is unnecessary.
    4. Short curing time and easy operation.
    5. The high quality controlled solid-state laser complying with international standard of production.
    6. Short pulse width , double cavity , double crytal and double lamps.

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