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EMSCULPT NEO is a noninvasive body contouring treatment that is performed in a series of 30 minute sessions.

EMSCULPT NEO takes the original EMSCULPT, which only incorporates muscle stimulation, and adds radiofrequency fat reduction and skin tightening.

EMSCULPT NEO takes the extremely popular EMSCULPT and takes it to the next level for improved results and higher patient satisfaction.

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Get The Perfect Body In A Month

1 session = 30 min. / treatment area 3-4 sessions / a week


Product Advantages

EMSCULPT NEO uses HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) technology to stimulate your muscles for supramaximal contractions. This means that this treatment is able to provide stronger contractions than anyone can do on their own even with professional grade gym equipment. Additionally, the radiofrequency of EMSCULPT NEO simultaneously reduces more fat and tightens the skin. Many other treatments treat only muscle, only fat, or only skin but this is the only treatment that can treat all three for the most dramatic results and best outcomes.


EMSCULPT NEO can help:

Build muscle and muscle definition: when you stimulate muscle contractions the muscle grows stronger and will become more defined. This is great for any part of the body but the most popular areas are the abdomen and the buttocks. In addition to seeing more muscle definition, patients will also become stronger and regular workouts will become easier.
Help improve rectus muscle diastasis: After pregnancy most people develop rectus (abdominal) diastasis. This is when the muscles separate from all the pressure of carrying a baby and after delivery, the muscles can remain separated. This can lead to functional problems as well as a suboptimal appearance. EMSCULPT NEO is really the only treatment that can help with this outside of surgery.


Reduce fat: While the original EMSCULPT helped reduce fat, EMSCULPT NEO adds radiofrequency which helps reduce more fat. On average, 30% of fat is reduced with the combination muscle stimulation and radiofrequency provided with this treatment.
Skin Tightening: Radiofrequency has long been a proven method of tight.


Specification of Hiemt Sculpting Electromagnetic Muscle Building EMS Body Sculpting Machine

Product Name Body Sculpting Emslim with rf Machine
Magnetic vibration intensity 13 Tesla
Input voltage AC 110V-230V
Output power 5000W
Contractions 30,000 within 30 mins
Size of flight shipping Case 56*66*116 cm
Weight 85KG
Handle quantity 2 handles or 4 handles for your choice
Treated area ABS, Buttocks, Arms, Thighs, Shoulder, Leg, Back

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